File synchronization freeware

To make it short:

Now I use (again) SyncBackFree

Before (up to 2017-02-01) I used FreeFileSync
o) good overview on the changes before the sync (best user interface among the compared applications)
for example switch on/off equal files
o) versioning (maybe the greatest advantage)
o) portable (now only available in donation version)
o) tries to install additional software (not in donation version),
sometimes Avira Antivirus blocked a downloaded version (move to quarantain) (as shown in the picture below)
o) donation version *costs* € 5,00 per month (it is not a one-time donation)
I think € 10,00 per year would be enough.


Recently (2017-07) I discovered another alternative: Alwaysync
The functionality seems to be very good. It offers a versioning policy. That is an advantage.
The overview of the processed has another philosophy: it shows the files grouped according the suggested processing: changed files, questionable files …
I’d prefer to see all files (according the folder structure) and  show/hide categories.

FreeFileSync worked excellently, but the above mentioned disadvantages let me switch back to SyncBackFree.

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Useful Windows freeware programs

It’s not necessary to comment on most of them, just to say that these programs work well.

the list is not yet complete – more to come (approx. 50) …

Adobe Acrobat Reader
FastStone Image View
Foxit Reader
FSResizer (FastStone)
Microsoft Expression Web 4
PSPad Editor
SyncBack Free



main use for me:
copy full name as text – lets you easily get the full file name incl. path into the clipboard
favorite folders
make folder/file list


PDFsam Bacis

download URL:

3.3.0, as zip, runs portable

main use for me:

Combine PDF files.
I scan files as PDF-files, where each scan results in a single page PDF-file.


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test via android app


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iPhone and zip-files

The iPhone does not originally support zip-files.

iZip was one app that processed zip-files without problems.
The unzipped files can be found under home > local files.

(I don’t own an iPhone, so I can’t reproduce any results.)

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Useful Android know-how

Remove apps from Google play store

Usually when you get a new smartphone with a newer android version you will probably not need to install all apps that were needed on your previous smartphone.
The google play store lists all ever installed apps, that include those which were installed on your previous smartphone and those which were already uninstalled.

This article is about how to remove apps from the google play store:

Enabling USB-debugging

how to activate this hidden function

Preventing Android Gallery app from scanning and showing unwanted folders

Put a “.nomedia”-file into the folders you don’t want to be scanned and shown in a Gallery.
The file can be empty.

Make a screen capture with Samsung Galaxy S3 neo

Both variants work:
Press Home button slightly before (means almost at the same time) pressing the Power button, then hold them both down.
Press Power button slightly before (means almost at the same time) pressing the Home button, then hold them both down.

inspired by:


2015-07-28 added: screen capture
2014-09-16 initial version

posts are tested with:
Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) on Samsung Galaxy S3 neo (GT-I9301I)

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Useful Android apps

These (all free) apps provide a special advantage for me …

3G Watchdog
This app can measure the webtraffic for a certain period of days (example 30 days).
The built-in function in Android allows only full month.

AndroZip FREE
alternative to Winzip
(Winzip turned out to request too many permissions that cannot be explained with its functionality.)

Audio Recorder
(Sony Mobile Communications)
records in adjustable quality in the acc-format

Desk Bell
(requires no permissions)

EDS Lite
Encrypted Data Store

for KeePass Password Safe

offline maps
(comparable with Google maps offline)

password-protected notes

Office Documents Viewer
views docx

Silent Camera
In the preinstalled camera app the shutter sound could not be turned off (except to mute the smartphone).
This camera app works without shutter sound.

WiFi OnOff
(for older Android versions)

most of the apps are used with
Android 4.4.2 on Samsung Galaxy S3 neo (GT-I9301I)

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Peace be with you! – But – Can there be peace?

This year’s ash wednesday. We were at the St. Stephans Cathedral at the ash wednesday mass. The cathedral was really full, as seats were occupied and many people were standing. This was the main mass of the day and it was celebrated with our cardinal Schönborn. So many Christians were gathering and celebrating this solemn mass together. Surely this mass is a special one. Not because the church is decorated for the lenten season,  there was a wonderful choir and the organ played historical pieces for example of Bach.

But it is one moment to stop our drive in which we are daily and think: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

So we left our seats and went to get our cross of the ashes. Surely because of the many people it took a while until we returned to our places.

But to  our asthonishment our seats were occupied by others. This never occurred in the many years we have attended this mass. With a small gesture we pointed at our seats – but no reaction of the two who took your seats. But no reaction.

I think it is obvious for all people that when one leaves one’s seat be it for the cross of the ashes or for the communion this one would come back and be seated at the same place as before. So I can’t belief that this was a misunderstanding but it was sign of ignorance and egoism. We had no other choice than to go look for another place or to stand the rest of the mass.

When it was time to exchange a sign of peace I once thought back to the persons who took our seats. Could we exchange a sign of peace with them? Without comment? I could offer them peace, but with a “but” or a condition. Are the ones who offer their peace to others the stupid ones, when at the moment they turn away the others are misusing that peace?

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